The Manic Mongooses of Skull F*ck Canyon, at least a few of them in all their filthy glory.  They slink around the far edge of the desert causing mischief and fun times looting and hoarding magic mangoes. Although they’re savage, they aren’t actually villainous and have more dimension in store, although they can be extremely dangerous if double crossed..  They’re some of the main players in my newest project I’m developing called Sally and the Stompers about a gang of outlaw girls.

There’s more of these mongooses to come, but these were the initial few.



Sid- A particularly deranged but fun loving mongoose, he is very good at being sneaky and is surprisingly intelligent!  He loves surprising people and partying until he collapses!


Iggy- Sly and devious, Iggy comes up with most of the plans and strategies for hunting and stealing.  He is very fond of his boss Rocko and is always trying to impress him.


Rocko- The leader of the Manic Mongooses, Rocko wants the best for his mongooses and knows how to stay focused on the job!





G.G.- Spry and always ready, energetic and feisty, always looking to make new moves for the gang and particularly loves cuddling with his friends.

cavewolverineweb - Copy

Lou the Yellow Mongoose and Cronenberg, the Cave Wolverine.  Concept art and new characters for my cartoon/ comic project, Sally and the Stompers currently being written and developed.  Lou and Cronenberg have been good buddies for a long time Lou having raised Cronenberg as a cub.  They enjoy raiding villages and eating delicious stolen baked goods.  Cronenberg particularly loves going for walks, tummy pats and enjoys being scratched behind his ears.



Lou and Cronenberg are apart of the main artillery for the Manic Mongooses and do a fine job of it too.  It’s good to enjoy your work. I’m still thinking of creating multiple Wolverines too, the more the merrier and I’m always a fan of merriment!


Over the development of these characters I also decided to have them ride on giant beasts of some kind.  I wanted to incorporate wolverines somehow and have them come across as big giant war beasts of some kind but still having personality and not just another brainless monster.  I’m still developing the idea of them also riding on giant snakes?



Rather than have the Mongooses be opposing enemies as snakes usually get the villainous role, I’ve decided why just not make them cohorts?

Another tribe that lives in Skull Fuck Canyon is a tribe of thundering Honey Badgers, I still may have them be their own tribe, but I’m thinking they coexist peacefully with the Mongooses or are on some kind of terms with them. honeybadger150

One whiff of him and you know he means business!