Hey everyone, I was MIA for a few months just really busy with a ton of stuff but also secretly developing new comics and ideas too.  I’m also sick of not communicating very well and I want to start improving that too so what better way than to start a blog!?  I also started taking up refining my writing process and even bought a cheap 200 dollar computer just for word processing.  Organizing my ideas and actually flushing out ideas by writing has been a great way to start creating new worlds within this one and at least get my ideas jotted down.


Over the last few months I’ve also been developing a new comic series called Sally and the Stompers which takes place in the same universe as the Devils Henchmen only centers around a group of three girl warriors and their many misadventures.  In this new world they also surviving alongside a fierce gang of slinky stinky beasts known as, The Manic Mongooses, who are as fierce as they are misunderstood….


Pictured above is Sally the Hippo and leader, (kind of), of the Stompers, a fun loving gal that knows how to Shit-Kick but also has a sense of who really deserves to get whacked.  These are actually characters I had started to develop in a comic years ago at Dumm Comics called Hyena Hyjinx that I decided to abandon although I still want  to salvage the characters and some of the ideas.


Another one of the Stompers, Rita the Civet Cat, a sneaky thief but can bust heads when she needs to.  She’s just trying to survive the harsh realities of Skull Fuck Canyon, the magical and dangerous world they all live in.  She also knows that Skull Fuck Canyon is one of the best places to find Magic Mangoes, a highly sought after and valued fruit with special powers.


We’ll get into more details with more of the character designs and some of my initial concepts in my next blog post.  Stay tuned!