Rufus Rhino, the dysfunctional leader of the Devil’s Henchmen Animal Fun Time Gang, he enjoys having various psychotic episodes and huffing enough amyl nitrates to kill a small mule.


Grime is the second in command, he enjoys the finer things in life such as wine, fancy fruits and red rumps.



Hadji and little Giggles are Grimes helpers to aid him in his evil plots, which never seem to work out quite right in the first place.  They are warm and soft and enjoy playing and hiding in cozy places.
Virgil the neurotic alligator is also the mechanical engineering specialist who is often picked on by Grime but loved by the Hyena
Taboose the meerkat is a dirty animal that went crazy living in modern civilization and joined this particular animal gang.
Valerie is the weapons specialist and loves to beat up bad people and Grime
Vincent, while not pillaging and raiding with the others, enjoys life’s  simple quiet pleasures and reading Shakespeare and other poetry
Skanky likes creating problems

Spunk! A wolverine who helps the one’s who are not strong

Brenthoe the little brown bat is a tragic creature, a recently escaped refugee from his homeland of Krustoria (not currently on any US map)  His broken brainwashed mind goes through fits of fear and rage
King Bosco is the great king of the Roofles, a race of fuzzy creatures that live among the ins and outs of Roofle Mountain and eat loads of Magic Mangoes
Idgit is King Bosco’s favorite roofle and enjoys giving him provokes and pokes