I’m BACK!  I was taking a quick break from comics and also to start writing this next short story, Root Hog or Die!  Starring Valerie and Skanky, the little skunk.


I am still planning on resuming Real Gone Gator and the next chapter where Virgil Gator begins his teaching abroad in Mount Roofle, but I also wanted to get in a shorter action story just for kicks and because I was inspired by all the craziness of the last year. It won’t be a real long story, but I wanted to take a quick beak for something new.

I don’t want to give anything away too much, but I’ll keep this next story short and violent for you!  ENJOY!


IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THIS COMICS UPDATING!  I want to make quality work here but I’ve also moved the last year to Los Angeles to look for work and have been more busy than normal so this story may still not update regularly.  For updates, please check my TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, TUMBLR or FACEBOOK

Also, I’ve been more active on my PATREON and always appreciate any financial help if you can.




Thanks again for joining our hero in a new adventure!